Bioart.tw是一個生物藝術的社群組織,以激發台灣地區的生物藝術與科學藝術實踐為目的,並與國際其他地區藝術與科學創作者對話。目前社群活動主要是網路上的資訊分享,以及不定期的實體聚會與交流,如DIY細菌培養工作坊、組織培養工作坊、幻想生物討論會、國際創作小聚、演講、藝術與科學人speed dating。藉由社群作為平台,除了提供生物藝術交流的機會之外,也群聚了一些多領域背景的參與者,漸漸產生一種不同領域與文化交流後突變的可能性,如科學與藝術的跨領域結合、生物技術的應用、文化性的科學評論、與文學式的科幻奇想等等。 is a Bioart community that focuses on stimulating the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan. We also try to encourage conversation between Taiwan and other practitioners in Science + Art in Asia, and possibly other parts of the world. The main activities the community facilitates including information sharing on the internet and frequent physical meetings such as DIY Bio workshops, art project roundtables, creative discussions regarding imaginative creatures or philosophy of science and culture, book clubs, international skype meeting between different BioArt spaces, talks, and speed-dating for scientists and artists, etc. The community serves as a platform for interactions between biology and art and from which gathers people with interdisciplinary fields. We aim to increase the transformation within the interactions between culture and other different disciplines such as Science and Art, Biotechnology, cultural science critics, and sci-fi imaginations, just to list a few.


社群平常的聚集地為 或是社群新空間「群島」(台北市林森北路89號3樓)